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Polyprop Bags


What is a Polyprop Bag?

Polyprop Bags are the best packaging choice when you want to be SEEN!
Polyprop Bags help promote, protect, and preserve your product. This range of bags are manufactured with superior quality Polypropylene (PP) films. These bags have high tensile strength and impeccable physical properties like good dimensional stability, water proofing, and transparency. These bags are available at highly competitive prices and customization is done as per the customer requirements.


  • Textile packaging
  • Fruit & vegetable packaging
  • Envelopes for magazines
  • Retail display packs

Product Size and Form

Custom extrusion from 35 - 65 Micron
Plain or Printed
Custom header strip
Euro slots or punch holes
With re-sealable or permanent adhesive strips or without

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