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Hang Tabs

What is a Hang Tab?

Hangtabs are used to hang products on store shelves. We offer Euro as well as Delta slots and even reinforcement tabs for cardboard slots.
Our hangtabs are made from 200 Mic PVC. We also offer heavy duty versions of some of our products in a 400 Mic PVC for heavy items. Super strong double sided PVC strips.

Product Size and Form

Product Size Thickness Pack Product Code
Euro Slot 48mm x 35mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0100
Delta Slot 41mm x 32mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0102
Small Hole Punch 22mm x 32mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0101
Medium Hole Punch 25mm x 50mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0103
Hook Hang Tab 30mm x 50mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0104
Reinforcement Tab 29mm x 40mm 250 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0009
Butterfly Hang Tab 43mm x 91mm 200 Mic 1000 Tabs/Box HT0111

Other colors are available on request. (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Clear)


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