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Die Cutting

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is the process of using a die to shear webs of low strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam, and sheet metal.

There is a requirement in industry to cut all types of materials to various shapes. Easitape has special die cutting machines that we use to cut our tapes, but we also offer a die cutting service to customers that need their own material cut to shape.

We have the ability to cut standard square shapes or any shape designed by the customer. For special shapes, we have a special die shape manufactured to customer specification. We have the ability to cut very small sizes, from 3mm x 3mm to 300mm x 300mm. Our die cutting can be done on a reel to reel or from reel to sheet. We can die cut thicknesses from 10 micron up to 6 mm thickness. We have the ability to cut most materials - with adhesive or without adhesive.

Our die cutting division has 4 types of die cutting machinery:

Flat bed die cutting - up to 300mm x 300mm
Rotary die cutting - up to 150mm x 300mm
Plotter cutting - Flat bed - up to 900mm x 1200mm
Plotter cutter - Rotary - up to 800mm width and 10 meters long

All die cutting can be done as full punch (fully punched out or kiss cut ( only partially through the material)
We have 35 years experience in die cutting and can cut most materials with a quick lead time.