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PTFE Glass Coated Cloth


What is Tevlon Tape?

Adhesive: High performance PTFE coated glass cloth, with high performance silicone adhesive. Brown with yellow release line.

Non-Adhesive: High performance non-adhesive PTFE coated glass cloth, coated on both sides. Brown.

Anti-Static (Adhesive): Anti-static grade, high performance PTFE coated glass cloth with 0.13 mm thick carbon fill with adhesive (CS). Black with yellow release liner.


  • Heat sealing machines
  • Baking sheets
  • Blister packaging

Product Size and Form

Thickness Lengths
3 Thou 30 m
5 Thou
10 Thou

Other sizes are available on request. Also available in sheets and belts.


Easy to clean
High tensile strength
Tear and puncture resistance
Excellent dimensional stability
High temperature resistance
UV and fire resistance

Spec Sheets

Download PTFE 3CS (Adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 5CS (Adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 10CS (Adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 3 STD (Non-adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 5 STD (Non-adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 10 STD (Non-adhesive) PDF

Download PTFE 14 STD (Non-adhesive) PDF

Download Black PTFE (Anti-static) PDF

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