1983 - 1985

The Beginning

1983: Mike Stacey started his career in the tape industry with joining a company called Sellotape (a division of the DRG group)

1984: The decision was made by Mike to start his own company with the knowledge he acquired.

1985: Executape was founded. With basic machinery Executape started buying and reselling tape.

1989 - 1998


1989: Executape acquired their first premises, in Sebenza.

1995: Executape had grown to have 60 staff members and was prospering well. Mr Jason Bennett joined the Executape family. (Currently Easitape’s Managing Director)

1997: Executape had grown into a well established recognized tape company and was approached by Sondor Industries, and was bought out.

1998: Executape was then sold to the Bidvest Group, who merged both Executape as well as Buffalo tapes

1998 - 2009


1998: Mike Stacey then established a new company called Stectec Inks.

2001: Stacetec tapes was established with a 240 SQM factory and 3 employees (Mike Stacey, Jason Bennett and Godfrey)

2003: Stacetec acquired larger premises due to the rapid growth of the company.

2004: Cape Town branch of Stacetec Inks was established where Greg Peters (now Managing Director of Easitape Cape Town Branch).

2004 - 2009

& 3M

2004-2009: Stacetec was approached by 3M to manufacture all their local tapes due to the tragic events of 9/11 and the closure of all 3M’s worldwide manufacturing plants. This was a 5 year local contract, until 3M’s world wide manufacturing plants started operating again.

2009 - 2015


2009: Eagle Continental bought out Stacetec inks. Stacetec inks’ name was maintained, because of their reputation. Resulting in renaming Stacetec Tapes to Easitape. The factory at 10 Forge Road in Spartan was procured and is still the current location of Easitape.

2010: Dewald Hattingh established the Cape Town Branch for Easitape.

2015: Greg Peters takes over in a managerial capacity at the Easitape Cape Town branch. While running the Cape Town branch of Alchemy Inks

2017 - Present

EasiTape Today

2017: Easitape has by now built up a reputation for great service and quality products, making it possible for the long overdue expansion. Making it home to our third manufacturing branch and head office in Newton Road, Spartan.

2019: The new and improved logo for Easitape was developed.