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Siliconised Release Paper and Films

What is Siliconised Release Paper and Films?

Release paper and release films - also known as silicone paper and silcone release film. The surface of the paper is coated with a thin layer of silicone. The type of silicone and the volume of silicone applied determines the paper or film determines the release values. The release values are normally listed at easy release, medium release, and tight release. Depending on requirements, some papers are coated on one side and others 2 sided coating. Typically a double sided tape will use a double sided silicone paper.


  • Manufacturing label papers
  • Manufacturing sealants - like butyl seal
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Baking industry
  • Medical adhesive pads
  • Sanitary / Hygiene products

Product Size and Form

Material Adhesive Thickness Coating Weight Colour Product Code
Kraft Release Paper Silicone 92 grams Kraft CB004
Kraft Release Paper Silicone 85 grams Kraft CB005
White Release Paper Silicone 92 grams White CB006
Polyethelene Film Silicone 90 grams Blue CB007
Crinkle Release Film Yellow CB008
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 90 grams White CB009
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 80 grams White CB010
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 90 grams Yellow - Honey CB011
White Release Paper Silicone 135 grams White CB012
HDPE Release Liner Silicone 25 Mic Milky Z0090003
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 120 grams White Z0090004
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 62 grams Yellow Z0090005
Glassine Release Paper Silicone 90 grams Havanna Z0090006
PET Film Silicone 30 Mic Clear Z0090023
PET Film Silicone 50 Mic Clear Z009035
PET Film Silicone 50 Mic Clear Z009036

Easitape carries a wide range of release papers and release films. We carry over 1 million square meters of stock, and supply from small users to large users. We have slitting machinery that can slit these materials to fit any customer requirements.